How could it get better?

Better than 2 rookies mounting 2 rockets gone to battle on a 24hour dirt bike event for charity? The battlefield was in the northern part of Western Canada, a friendly little city called Quesnel with an endless supply of mountainside trails of brush, trees, and sudden terrain changes…The rockets, one 03TM 250MX and one 07TM 300E were totally focused on the task in hand, performing spectacularly in spite of the rookies’ lack of seat time… WOW, what a pair of bikes! Instant starting, extremely well mannered, and very, very tough!
The event was called “Bushwacker” and all monies were raised to fight breast cancer, with green flag dropping at high noon Saturday August 23, and checker dropping Sunday noon next day. Some 60 teams of all skill levels from all parts of the province showed-up and each team were asked to have 6 riders each, we only had 2.  Maybe we did not win the event or kiss the trophy girl, but boy, did we have fun riding our TMs!
Unfortunately, we took an injury early in the evening, so we had to retire early because only one bike had a light and it was deemed unsafe and inadequate for the terrain, but golly, what a ride! Endless power, very surefooted, and in spite of the unscheduled spills and unwanted tree hugging, the bikes still look great! A torn handgrip and a small dimple in the left radiator were all the battle scars suffered, which is amazing when one looks at the debarked tree that got in the way, the bruised rider and what other brand X bikes looked like as the event progressed…
As a father of 3 kids and a street bike rider, I have owned and supported various brands of bikes, and dealt with plenty dealers and shops over the years. This is what I would say about TMs: They are best bike my money could buy; they don’t just look the best, they do not just outperform expectations, but they also have the best dealer support ever!!!
Never have I called a TM dealer who didn’t respond right away, and when they couldn’t help, they certainly were not timid about referring me to someone else that could.
 I must confess, together with newfound addictive riding pleasure, I am enjoying the feeling of belonging to the TM culture that-- for now at least--, only e few belong to… 

Hey, they do not just look exotic; they act as good they look!

And another thing, the sales pitch bit, it is all true!

Thanks MotoXSpeed and David, I love your products and support, and I don’t see how it could get better!

Greg C.

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