3-4 March 2007
Bussi sul Tirino (PE)
Enduro Absolutes of Italy
First round


Good start for the riders of the TM RACING/BERLONI enduro team


First race of the year and first Victory….
Alex Zanni has started with the right foot in his first race on the factory TM EN 530F giving to the pesarese company one great victory.
The race has been particularly hard and Alex knew that it would be played with the bresciano Botturi (his 2006 team mate) and so has been.
Alex on Saturday is ended second just behind of Botturi for a little, while on Sunday he has been to win with big advantage.
Good debut also for the marchigiano Luca Cherubini who is successful to end two times in fourth place always reducing the gap that divides him from the firsts riders.

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Next appointment 18th  March with the first round of the Enduro World Championship to Ostersund in Sweden.


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