5-6 May 2007
M. Canavezes, Portugal
Enduro World Championship
Third round


Another unlucky race for the riders of TM RACING BERLONI Team who have been able to finish only day one race on the technician Portuguese special tests.
Class E J
In this class Jake Stapleton on Saturday is remained in fight for the podium until the end, ending with an optimal sixth place to short distance from riders in front of him. Starting day two with sixth and fifth place finishes on the opening two special tests Jake was then forced to retire from the event when a stick damaged his bike’s ignition wires.
Class E 1
Luca Cherubini knew that he would have found a more difficult tracing compared with that one found in Spain and it has been. Some mistakes on the enduro test has not allowed him to go beyond the 11th place on Saturday while on Sunday he has not been able to start for problems to his back.
Class E 3
Alex Zanni wanted to redeem the negative race suffered in Spain a week before and has ridden always very fast and in attack ending to 8th place on Saturday while on Sunday he has had to withdraw for a knee distortion to the fifth special test while he was in the fight for the 6th place.

Complete classifies  on www.abc-wec.com
Next appointment 26-27 May to Borno for the GP of Italy, forth round of the Enduro World Championship 2007.

Enduro Team
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