Sandlapper National Enduro in Sumter, SC


Conditions were perfect for a great race.  Unfortunately I started the day off in the wrong direction as I left the pit area quickly and forgot to set the correct air pressure in my tires and rode the first three sections before first gas with 16 psi front and back! The bike was deflecting off everything and beating me up for what would be a long day. Being tired, instead of letting out some pressure at a reset, I began playing with the clickers to try and take some harshness out.  While this helped a little, by the time I got to gas the clickers were so out of whack the bike was completely out of sorts.  This is when I realized the pressure in my tires was too high.  I re-adjusted them down to 10 front and back, gassed the bike and off I went.  

After first gas with the correct pressure in the tires and the clickers set back to somewhat normal, the bike and I settled in for the middle of the day sections.  I finally found some rhythm and picked up some speed in the forth and longest section of the day and was clipping along pretty well.  About a third of the way through that section I came upon a rutted, muddy uphill section with two other riders stuck.  I took a shot at the middle and got thrown off to the left into some thorns and got stuck on the hill.  After a few attempts and pushing the bike out of the rut I dug with the back wheel, I made it up the hill.  Once to the top I was totally gassed and tried to regain my pace but could not find the energy to maintain a good pace and used every last bit of energy to keep the bike moving forward and nursed it back to gas #2.   

At this point I could either call it a day or solider on, I was not going to come this far and call it quits (My personal claim to fame, is that I have never DNF’d an enduro since I began racing off-road in 1996), so I had to dig deep and decided to finish the race.  I hammered down a Five Hour Energy, ate a banana, filled my camelback, gassed the bike up and hit the trail for the A loop.  I was able to keep it on two wheels and finish the race in a respectable 20th(at least for an old out of shape Senior A rider) position in the Senior A class, picking up the final scoring position in the class.  The last section was about 14 miles long and they checked us out in the woods.  The check worker told me we were done but had a ‘few miles’ back to the pits.  I was elated to be done, only to realize that the ‘few miles’ back was at least five more miles of single track.  It might as well had been race course, but again, I was able to get back to the pt area and call it a day!

Al in all I continue to be impressed with the performance of the TM 250.  It’s fast, light and has yet to give me any problems, simply, a pleasure to ride (except for the seat which must have been designed by someone who has never actually sat on a dirt bike). My next modification will be to find a better seat foam replacement before the next race.  Next stop VCHSS Hare Scramble Round One on March 28.

Thanks again to MotoXSpeed for the support!
Philippe Bauduc
Sales Operation manager
Southern Region
VOLKSWAGEN Group of America


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