15 April 2007
Belpuig, Spain
MX1 Motocross World Championship
Second round

riem closed in the vice of the Spanish mud.An uninterrupted rain week it has nearly blown up the Spanish MX1 Motocross GP.
Cancelled the free and time practices of the Saturday all has been moved to the Sunday.
On Sunday morning in the time practices Manuel has marked the 12th better time just in the middle to the two factory KTM riders Philippaerts and Barragan respectively 11° and 13°.
In moto 1 some falls has forced our rider to the anticipated withdrawal while in moto 2 he finished in a 12th place that does not satisfy him not at all.
End of the race Manuel said: “...... the race today was a hell! The track had a single trajectory and you could not overtake. In moto 1 I have tried hard, going to find alternative trajectories but with the only result of falling. In the second one I have tried to push very hard but at the end I could not risk to come back from Spain with zero points ......”. Complete classifies on www.motocrossmx1.com Next appointment the 22 April 2007 to Agueda in Portugal for the third round of the MX1 Motocross World Championship.TM RACING/BERLONI
Motocross Team
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