21/22 April 2007
Agueda, Portugal
MX 1 Motocross World Championship
Third round

Manuel Priem bring his TM to a step from the podium

The Belgian Manuel Priem immediately has redeemed himself from the ugly Spanish GP bringing his factory TM to a step from the podium on the technical Portuguese track.
From the Saturday he already had demonstrated to like this circuit and to have an optimal feeling with his TM MX 450F.
After a start in the middle of group, because of a contact with a rider just out of the start gate, Manuel has begun his race towards the head positions and until some laps from the end he was fourth when, in order to attack the third place, he felt down in a banal slide that has forced him to finish in 6th place.
This time Manuel had a better start and to the first passage he was around to the tenth position. Lap after lap he became to overtake his rivals going towards the high positions until the flag that sees him to close in a fantastic fourth position.
The sum of the two motos allows him to end 4th in overall classifies of this GP to only 3 points far from the podium.
Manuel said to the end of the race: “..... today I felt myself very well and I felt that I could have made a good race. It’s a pity for that fall in race 1. However I’m satisfied of this result and I want to dedicate it to my Team that do his best in order to put me in the right conditions to achieve it .....”.

Complete classifies on www.motocrossmx1.com

Next appointment 5/6 May 2007 to Mantova, GP of Italy, for the forth round of the MX1 Motocross World Championship.

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