5-6 May 2007
Mantova, GP of Italy
MX1 Motocross World Championship
Forth round


Unlucky race for Manuel Priem in the GP of Italy
Everything was begun in good way on Saturday where Manuel marked the tenth place in the time practices. Also in the warm up on Sunday morning it was successful to find the right setting of his TM MX 450F trusting to have a very good race.
Just outside from the start Manuel had an hard contact with Barragan, going very close to fall but at the first corner he was end of the group. At the fifth lap he was around the 15th place but, overtaking a rider, he went outside of the track falling. He start again and at the sixth lap he was in  24th place. Manuel is very fast and, while the other riders begin to accuse the half race hard work Manuel begin to increase the rhythm making constantly to mark the fourth/fifth better time to every lap ending in twelfth position.
Once again a contact with Barragan and also this time Manuel remains end of the group. During the first lap he was able to overtake a lot of riders being around fifteenth place to the end of the first lap, but on the big final jump he was hit from Noble falling down heavily. Moments of fear for the conditions of our rider who, after been quickly assisted from the doctors, has had only great fright and a little several dents.
Priem said end of the race: “....... I apologize because I wanted to demonstrate our real potential just in the Italian GP where is the headquarters of my Team. Unfortunately in both starts I had a contact with Barragan and I’m always remained on the back, in race 2 I have been hit and thrown outside of the track from a kamikaze at the end of the first lap!! A very big crash and fortunately without problems! I hope that next week-end in Germany I may have a better race ............”.

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Next appointment 12-13 May 2007 to Teutschenthal, Germany, for the fifth round of the MX1 Motocross World Championship.

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