13 May 2007
Teutschenthal, GP of Germany
MX1 Motocross World Championship
Fifth round

Manuel Priem is back in the top ten during the German MX1 GP

Just one week after the big crash suffered in the Italian GP, Priem find again the energy to be competitive.
Still with a lot of pain on his back, Manuel, arrive in Germany with the objective to mark more points possible, recording the eleventh place in the time practices on Saturday.
In moto 1 Manuel finished in 10th place after another bad start who has obliged him to recovery another time from the end of the group.
In moto 2, and in a track transformed from the big rain felt, our rider remain blocked from a big fall in front of him of many riders just on the beginning of a very difficult up-hill. He was able to avoid to fall down but the only trajectory available was completely closed and he had to wait for all the other riders start again. He tried hard to recovery again marking a very fastest laps but the gap was so big and he finished in 21st position.

Complete classifies on www.motocrossmx1.com .

Next race the 26-27 of May 2007 to Sugo, for the GP of Japan, valid as the sixth round of the MX1 Motocross World Championship.


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