17th June 2007
Sevlievo, Bulgaria
MX1 Motocross World Championship
Eighth round



GP to forget for Priem and TM in Bulgaria
Yes, a double zero to forget quickly!!
At this point we can say that Manuel is persecuted from the misfortune or, to say better, from the bikes of other riders that unavoidably hit him with too much frequency, so Manuel Priem has re-entered from the long Bulgarian travel with a lean booty:
zero points and two bikes damaged.
After the sixteenth place obtained in the time practices on Saturday he was trusting for a good race, and the tenth time in the warm-up on Sunday morning it was the demonstration.
In Race 1 he had a good start in the top ten, after a few laps he was able to pass Brown and De Dycker and in seventh position he was able to be fast like the top five. At four laps to the end, probably as a result of a contact with another rider during the start, he remains without a footrest and he was forced to the withdrawal.
In Race2 he remains involved during the first lap in one big fallen caused from some riders who preceded him. While he tried to leave again has been bump into from other riders who were behind that have damaged his bike and forced him to the withdrawal again.

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Next appointment 1st July 2007 to Uddevalla, Sweden, for the ninth round of the Mx1 Motocross World Championship.


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