January 10, 2008



“Chicco” Chiodi and TM RACING together in 2008.

In the early days of the new year was signed the agreement that binds the 3 times world champion Chicco Chiodi and TM RACING.
The agreement is one year with option and the involvement of the binomial  "all Italian" at the MX1 Motocross World Championship and Italian Championship.
Chicco has already begun testing needed to find the right feeling with the factory TM MX 450F inherits from the Belgian Priem and these were his first comments:
"…… .. I am really happy! After the first tests to adapt the bike to my riding characteristics I was been able to ride with a  so speed that I thought were lost. I like the bike very much, it’s easy and allows me to ride fast with minimum effort. With my technician Patrieck Heydens we plan an extensive series of tests that should enable us to arrive at the beginning of the World Championship in good shape………. ".
The appointment is on track for the first races of the International of Italy for the latest checks before the World Championship start.

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